The Churchill Golden, hand crafted from carefully selected aged, longleaf tobaccos and wrapped in a 5 year aged Connecticut Natural wrapper is a well balanced, flavorful cigar presenting with mild, nutty aromas and a pleasant flavor. Its long, 7×48 size provides a cool, smooth smoking experience.


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Imagine having a seat on the terrace at The Churchill Bar in London. You have just finished a rib-eye steak and are settling down for the postprandial smoke and drink. A nice, but not overly peaty single malt from Islay (Bruichladdich Scotch Barley) and a Romeo y Julieta Churchill cigar. A nice evening in London and the conditions I used in testing the Payne Mason Churchill Golden, my second cigar of the evening.

The Churchill Golden is a well-balanced cigar, with hints of a nutty overtone. The aroma is clean as is the finish. The clean finish is a signature tasting note for the entire Payne Mason line—nothing bites back or leaves a bitter, strong finish. You immediately get the fact that these aged long leaf tobaccos, hand selected by the rollers, have been crafted like the cigars their fathers and grandfathers made in Cuba.

While my personal tribute to Sir Winston Churchill included enjoying his favorite cigar, I am quite certain the great man would have come to similar conclusions about the Payne Mason Churchill. The Romeo y Julieta was the second best cigar I had that evening.

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Jim T. – Platinum Cigar Club Member

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Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 7 × 1 × 1 in

Single(s) In Celophane – $15.25, Single(s) Encased In Glass – $16.25, 10-Pack in Celophane – $137.25, 10-Pack Encased Glass – $146.25