10% Off – Robusto Meastro #3

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12 Count Holiday Special

Offered in this 12 cigar, elegant hardwood presentation box, each of the (4) Connoisseur Collection selections are individually encased in glass tubes to ensure freshness. Each 12 count box is engraved and features a unique top lid latch.

Exquisitely presented, the 12 count set is a great choice for personal or gifting consideration.

Gift Bag Holiday Special

Included in this Holiday Special is (1) Velvet Drawstring bag, (1) Customized, Guillotine Style, Stainless Steal Cutter. (1) Triple Torch Lighter, with Built-in Punch Cutter in Gift Box, and (2) Medium Bodied Torpedo Barbers enclosed in glass.

Perfect solution for your holiday gifting!