Our Story

Staying true to the cultural traditions of our Cuban heritage, our rollers, who have perfected their craft over decades, PAYNE-MASON remains dedicated to tradition and authenticity. We use age-old family recipes and are unaffected by modern mass production techniques.

Our 100% hand-rolled cigars are made even more authentic by the careful selection of rare, aged leaves from the world’s richest tobacco-growing regions. Our “no compromise” methods are combined with age-old curing processes, which have long been ignored in today’s mass-produced cigar industry.

PAYNE-MASON’s limited production of premium cigars can be found at fine resorts, casinos, prestigious golf and wine facilities, and other high-end destination properties.

Additionally, our authentic Master Rollers are available for live rolling performances that can enhance any event, from weddings to corporate parties and golf tournaments. Rolling Events can be scheduled anywhere across the country and are regularly held in:

· San Diego
· Los Angeles
· Orange County
· Las Vegas
· Palm Springs
· Phoenix

Robert Payne


5835 Avenida Encinas # 124
Carlsbad, CA 92008