Profiled Property: Southern Highlands Golf Club

Southern Highlands golf club is known not only for its breathtaking terrain but for giving members a one of a kind experience. Many seek out this golf club because of its luxury and soothing environment.

Its golf course uses the desert and mountains surrounding the area. This allows members to practice and perfect their talents in a wonderful location. The waterfalls and creeks that surround the course bring out a sense of calmness and peace.

One place that is sure to leave you in awe is the Clubhouse. The high wood-beamed ceilings, grand stairways, and luxuriously furnished dining rooms give members and guests a one of a kind experience.

The golf club also has stunning cottages that are close to a cascading waterfall, giving guests a remarkable view. With world-class spa treatments, outdoor pools, and various exercise classes there is no question as to why the Southern Highlands golf club is many people’s ideal location to retreat. The entire club has world-class amenities leaving both guests and member feeling grand and exemplary.

Southern Highlands Golf Club
One Robert Trent Jones Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89141