Torito Maduro Review

Habana Unos – Torito Maduro

6 X 52 –  Full Bodied
Wrapper: 8-year aged Dominican Maduro
Binder: Ecuador
Filler: Dominican Republic

There is something about the PAYNE-MASON Cigars that feature the 8-year old Domincan Maduro wrapper.  You enjoy the cigar with your nose and your fingers long before you ever strike a match.  These wrappers are mesmerizing.

This cigar boasts clearly identified flavors of coffee and chocolate.  The cigar changes flavor as you work your way to the end and it is one of those cigars where you will burn your fingers trying to extract that final draw.  The Torito Maduro is also one of those cigars where other people will stop and comment on the aroma.  

This is another one of the PAYNE-MASON line of cigars that I especially enjoy with a glass of port.

Review by:
Jim T. – Platinum Cigar Club Member