Robusto Golden Review

Golf Classics – Robusto Golden Review

5 ½ X 50 –  Mild Bodied
Wrapper: 5-year aged Connecticut Shade
Binder: Ecuador
Filler: Dominican Republic

I have been a Payne Mason customer and Cigar Club Member for well over 5 years and have smoked hundreds of their cigars.  I saw the Golf Classics line as exactly that, bespoke smokes for premiere golf courses and country clubs.  The Black Lion and Habana Unos lines held a higher status in my mind.  In revisiting the Golf Classics line I have come to revise my opinion.  The line offers unique cigars within the Payne Mason family, fully able to stand on their own.  Hell, I might even take up golf.

My second ever Payne Mason cigar was a Robusto (see my review in the Habana Unos section) and I confess to the Robusto style cigars as among my personal favorites.  The Robusto Golden delivers a wonderful 45-minute to an hour smoke.  Surprisingly complex, this cigar starts off mild yet assertive and gets stronger and more flavorful as you move through the cigar.

This cigar compares favorably with a Partagas Series D No. 4.

A nice port compliments the cigar.

Review by:
Jim T. – Platinum Cigar Club Member



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