Cigars (and Port) Under the Stars – SEPT 26TH, 2014

Friday, Sept 26, 2014 turned out to be quite a special evening for both PAYNE-MASON and Ficklin Vineyards.  A unique event for both companies, the first Cigars Under the Stars port wine and cigar pairing night was a huge success.

Set among the vineyards of Central California on cool, breezy September evening, Cigars Under the Stars saw several lucky wine and cigar lovers getting the experience of a lifetime, tasting four hand selected port wines from the nation’s oldest and best traditional port winery and 4 perfectly matched cigars from PAYNE-MASON, America’s Premiere Cigar Manufacturer.

Peter Ficklin, owner and winemaker at Ficklin, personally chose four ports whose characteristics made them ideal companions with premium cigars.  The ports ranged from full bodied, including the 10 year old Tawny which is the nation’s most awarded port, to the sweeter vintages, like the ’96, which had a sweetness and maturity second to none, properly decanted for the attendees enjoyment.

To match these powerful ports, Bob Payne hand picked four of his finest cigars, and carefully matched them with Peter’s selections.  Bob’s choices included the ever popular Torpedo Barber with it’s combination wrapper, and the Puro Porto, a cigar specifically created out of our relationship with Ficklin.

For Bob and Peter, the highlight of the evening was being able to directly engage the attendees.  The characteristics of each port/cigar combination was described in detail by both men, but even more than that, they were able to talk about the history of their respective businesses, and also share the passion that lead them to their individual creations.

For the selected attendees, not only did they get to taste and enjoy the best of the best products, but hearing from Bob and Peter helped them understand why each pairing, and each company, was so special.

Based on the response from all involved, this first ever Ficklin/PAYNE-MASON pairing event certainly won’t be the last.

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