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Corporate Membership

PAYNE-MASON is pleased to announce our Corporate Memberships Program. Our Corporate Memberships are offered to Qualified Corporations, Businesses and Organizations allowing them to extend the following Features and Benefits to their Membership Group, while establishing significant revenue generation for their corporation.


PAYNE-MASON Corporate Membership Participation Policies

Members will receive access to exclusive PAYNE-MASON Cigars, Cigar Accessories, Featured Luxury Merchandise such as fine Humidors, Wine and Spirits, and Pre-Embargo Cuban Cigars. Also profiled are Exotic Travel Locations, Prestigious Properties Profiles and Gala Events.

Membership Features & Benefits

- Secure, Private & Customized Access Page for Corporation, featuring Corporate Logo and joint affiliation.

- Corporate Promo Code for use by Corporation Members to receive discounts on products and service purchased.

- Members will receive Corporate Membership Discounts at Checkout.

Corporate Benefits

- Providing exclusive and luxury products & services to your Corporate Membership.

- Generation of significant revenue stream for Corporations, via Corporate Membership purchases.

- Corporations will receive Monthly Statements and Commissions on all member purchases.

Corporate Responsibilities

- Provide Logo Artwork
- Extend Corporation Membership Announcement via e-mail and/or website endorsement of the new affiliation with PAYNE-MASON’s exclusive products and services.
- Occasional promotional support of Featured Offers and Specials.

Corporate Membership Fees

There is no cost associated with the PAYNE-MASON Corporate Membership Program. Once qualified, PAYNE-MASON will create and maintain the affiliated Corporate Membership Page at no charge.

Apply for the PAYNE-MASON Cigars Corporate Membership

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